Welcome to the Junior School

At The Royal Junior School we are very conscious of the impact that the children’s environment has on their learning. We have a wonderfully spacious site in Hindhead, Surrey and our pupils have many opportunities to learn and play outdoors. We enjoy fantastic, home-cooked food which feeds our pupils’ brains and bodies and prepares them for the mental and physical challenges they face each day. Most importantly, we surround our pupils with kind, energetic and supportive staff who understand that everyone learns differently. At the Junior School, the classroom is a place where children are encouraged to enjoy the process of learning: we want them to want to work hard and fulfil their potential.

Some parents may wonder whether our individually focussed approach is perhaps a little ‘fluffy’! Do we really deliver results? We deliver happy, motivated children who enjoy school. Our approach is affirmative and the academic research currently being published about the benefits of kindness, empathy and compassion - to individuals, to business and to the world generally - supports our approach to junior education. In short, building positive relationships with children leads to positive results.

Mrs Kerrie Daunter, B.Ed (Hons)
Head of The Royal Junior School